Exotic Trimmers, LLC

Precise trimming and harvesting services for licensed Oklahoma medical cannabis businesses


Leaf Removal

Our skilled crews will defoliate overgrown leaves from your cannabis plants, ensuring optimal growth and harvest


We provide expert harvesting services to ensure your cannabis plants are handled with care and ready for the curing process

Hand Trimming

Our team of trimmers will hand trim your cured cannabis buds with precision, resulting in a high-quality finished product

Special Projects

Our team is ready to take on other projects too! Need extra help building, expanding or modifying your grow? Give us a call!

Exotic Trimmers, LLC is a trusted service provider for licensed Oklahoma medical cannabis businesses. Our experienced teams are dedicated to helping you achieve the highest quality cannabis through precise trimming, defoliating, and harvesting techniques.

Contact Us

For inquiries or to schedule our services, please reach out to us using the contact information below.

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white and gray microphone on white surface


(918) 816-6723